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Monitoring and Insights Service

Detect issues in hours instead of weeksand uncover insights in weeks instead of months.Learn what’s changed, what’s working, and what’s driving those results.

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What insights will I get?

Real World Examples

We’ll monitor your data daily for issues like broken tracking or checkout bugs. Then a consultant will analyze your data every week for anomalies or significant changes and email you fresh insights from their analysis.

Newsletter Efficacy

We discovered that a client’s most recent newsletter drove far more sales than previous newsletters.

Attribution Issues

We found a large spike in direct traffic and purchases due to missing tracking on a new landing page. With our help, the client fixed the issue in a day instead of weeks.

Broken Tracking Detection

Developer changes broke a store’s Google Tag manager integration. We detected the issue within hours, restoring Facebook tracking and saving the client thousands in ad spend efficiency.

How it works

Harness Data to Drive Your Business

We monitor your Google Analytics data to detect anomalies daily. If tracking breaks or purchases go out range, we’ll discover it and inform you within 24 hours. Then every week a consultant reviews your data, investigates changes and emails you any fresh insights.

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Anomaly Detection

We set up daily Google Analytics monitoring to detect when sessions, purchases or revenue go out of range. When they do, we investigate the issue and notify you within 24 hours so you can always keep your tracking up and running.

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Weekly Insights

We analyze your Google Analytics and Shopify data every week across multiple dimensions and metrics to identify significant changes. Then we conduct a deeper analysis to uncover what’s driving those changes. For instance, we may discover an increase in purchases that’s driven by a new Facebook campaign. Or, we may detect a decrease in conversion rate driven by decreased landing page performance.

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Tailored to Your Store

You let us know what customizations drive your sales and we’ll track them. Is a size guide important to your store? We’ll track it. Are you rolling out a new template? We’ll discover how it performs.


Currently available for large Shopify stores.


up to 10,000 orders per month.
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