Remove the Built-in Facebook Pixel Shopify Integration

How to remove the built-in Shopify Facebook channel pixel integration to avoid duplicate events.

If you added the same Facebook pixel to SlideRule Analytics that was already added to your Shopify store's Facebook Sales channel, you will get duplicate events in your Facebook Ads Manager. To avoid duplicate events, you can remove the built-in Facebook pixel integration in Shopify with these instructions.

Go to your Shopify store admin and click Apps

Shopify store admin Apps section

Click Apps and sales channel settings

Apps and sales channel settings in Shopify

Click the right arrow on Facebook & Instagram

Selecting Facebook & Instagram in Shopify

Click Open sales channel

Open sales channel option for Facebook & Instagram

Click Settings

Settings in Facebook & Instagram sales channel

Under Share data, click Change

Changing Share data settings in Shopify

Login in to Facebook

Login to Facebook prompt

Click the toggle to turn off Share data

Toggle to turn off Share data in Facebook

Click Save

Save changes in Facebook settings

You have turned off Shopify's built-in Facebook Conversion API integration

Confirmation of turning off Facebook Conversion API integration in Shopify