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Cover Image for How We Handle Google Consent Mode V2
·2 mins reading

How SlideRule Analytics’s GA4 Shopify integration handle Google Consent Mode V2

Cover Image for Data Analyst Service
·7 mins reading

Announcing our new data analytics service for just $100 a month.

Cover Image for Black Friday 2023 Year over Year Comparisons
·1 mins reading

How to make year over year Black Friday Cyber Monday comparisons using just Shopify data.

Cover Image for Connecting to the Google Analytics 4 Reporting API
·3 mins reading

How to connect to the Google Analytics 4 Reporting API so you can access your data programmatically.

Cover Image for Integrating and Debugging Google Tag Manager with Shopify's Custom Pixels
·3 mins reading

How to use custom pixels to integrate Google Tag Manager with Shopify's checkout and workaround the missing preview

Cover Image for Google Ads Direct Integration with Shopify
·3 mins reading

How directly integrate Shopify with Google Ads in case GA4's integration isn't working.

Cover Image for How to Create Custom Channel Groupings in Google Analytics 4
·4 mins reading

The fastest way to create accurate custom channel groups in Google Analytics 4 based on Universal Analytics data

Cover Image for PSA: Disconnect Universal Analytics and GA4
·1 mins reading

We strongly recommend you completely disconnect Universal Analytics from Google Analytics 4. Here's how.

Cover Image for GA4 Setup Checklist for Shopify Stores
·1 mins reading

This one-time setup checklist will ensure that you get clean, accurate data in Google Analytics 4, so you can run your Shopify store.

Cover Image for How to View Shipping, Tax, Revenue, and Subtotal Price in GA4
·1 mins reading

How to view shipping, tax and subtotal price in Google Analytics 4

Cover Image for SlideRule Analytics Klaviyo Integration for GA4, GTM and Facebook
·2 mins reading

How SlideRule Analytics' integrates Klaviyo with your Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook Pixel data.

Cover Image for Maximize Your Data Retention in Google Analytics 4
·2 mins reading

How and why to update your GA4 data retention settings as soon as possible.

Cover Image for Using GA4 Segments and Audiences to Compare Purchasers and Non-Purchasers
·2 mins reading

How to use Segments and Audiences in GA4 to discover insights about your site.

Cover Image for How to View Ecommerce Data in GA4
·3 mins reading

How to view ecommerce data in Google Analytics 4 to ensure that your Shopify integration is working as expected.

Cover Image for Consolidating Two Google Tag Manager Containers into One for Improved Site Performance
·3 mins reading

How to consolidate two Google Tag Manager containers into one to improve your site's performance.

Cover Image for How to Find Discrepancies Between Shopify Orders and GA4 Purchases
·5 mins reading

Use our spreadsheet template to find issues with your GA4 purchase data and learn what's causing those issues.

Cover Image for Shopify's Built-In GA4 Integration Review
·16 mins reading

A review of Shopify's built-in Google Analytics 4 integration.

Cover Image for Setting Up Google Analytics 4 for Shopify
·6 mins reading

How to configure your Google Analytics 4 property for your Shopify store to get clean, accurate, and complete data.

Cover Image for Seven Reasons Google Analytics Attributes Your Shopify Orders to Direct Traffic
·4 mins reading

The seven most common causes of direct orders in Shopify and what to do about them.

Cover Image for How to Check the Accuracy of Your Shopify Store's Google Analytics
·6 mins reading

Before using Google Analytics to improve your store’s profitability, you need to make sure that it’s tracking revenue and orders correctly.

Cover Image for The Right Way to Install Pixels in Shopify
·9 mins reading

Installing your pixel correctly is critical to your Shopify store’s success. But doing so depends on your store and your pixels.

Cover Image for Improve Your Conversion Rates with These Tools
·6 mins reading

When set up correctly, marketing pixels and A/B testing tools can make your store profitable. Done poorly, they can cost you money.

Cover Image for Don't Use Google Analytics to Analyze Shopify Sales Data
·6 mins reading

Why you should use Shopify for sales data and Google Analytics for website data.

Cover Image for Are You Undercounting Returning Customers? Here's the Fix
·6 mins reading

How to define new and returning customers in Shopify to strengthen your customer relationships.

Cover Image for Your Average Order Value Might Be Way Off. Here's the Fix.
·5 mins reading

How to calculate accurate order value metrics in Shopify to increase revenue per order.

Cover Image for The Right Way to Calculate Shopify Metrics
·5 mins reading

If you want to use ecommerce metrics to make more money with Shopify, you need to calculate those metrics from the bottom-up.