Cookie Consent

How cookie consent banners impact Google Analytics 4 in SlideRule Analytics

SlideRule Analytics integrates with Shopify's Customer Privacy API.

Shopify Customer Privacy API tells SlideRule whether or not visitors can be tracked for analytics purposes. The Customer Privacy API considers:

  1. If the visitor needs to provide consent based on their geographic area (in a GDPR country or not)

  2. If the visitor provided consent via a cookie banner

  3. Your shop's Customer privacy settings

Shopify Customer Privacy Settings

Based on these criteria, the Customer Privacy API tells SlideRule whether or not a user can be tracked in GA4 with the analyticsProcessingAllowed parameter.

If the visitor can be tracked in GA4 by default, nothing changes.

If the visitor must provide consent, we start tracking them immediately after consent is granted.

If the visitor cannot be tracked in GA4, we stop firing all client-side events. We still fire all server-side events (begin checkout through purchase) but we do not associate those events with the visitor that generated the event. As a result, these purchases will have “Unassigned” attribution in GA4.

We add a “has_analytics_consent” parameter with value = 0 to server-side events when the user does give analytics consent. You can use this to easily see how many purchases come from visitors that did not provide consent.