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View and explore your Cube Cloud datain Google Data Studio

Add your Cube Cloud data to Data Studio with a few clicks.See your dimensions and metrics in Data Studio exactly as you do in Cube Cloud.

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We make Cube Cloud reporting easy

With our connector, you can view your Cube Cloud defined metrics and dimensions in Google Data Studio in minutes for free. Easily create custom reports, interactive dashboards, and metrics specifically designed for your data. Use Data Studio's sharing features to get your Cube Cloud data into the hands of your team.

Simple & Easy Setup

Set up the Cube Cloud Data Studio connector with just a few steps. No coding required. Get the metrics you need in minutes instead of days.

Share Your Results

Google Data Studio makes it easy to share your reports with your team. Get up-to-date results without sharing files. Let your team explore your data to find new insights.

Increased Performance

Data Studio is a great dashboarding tool but it often has performance issues. The Cube Cloud headless BI platform solves those performance issues so you never have to wait for Data Studio to load.

How it works

Easy to use, powerful, and free

With Cube Cloud you can consume data from any data source, organize it into consistent metrics, and use it with every app, now including Data Studio.

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Accurate Analytics

Cube Cloud is an API first business intelligence platform for data engineers and application developers to make data accessible and consistent across every application. With our connector, you can now use that data to create dashboards in Data Studio.

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Infinitely Customizable

After defining your metrics in Cube Cloud, building entirely dashboard in Data Studio is easy. Now your team can use consistent data definitions to build their own dashboard.

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Executive Ready Dashboards

Define your data model once in Cube Cloud and let your executives build their own dashboards with Data Studio's intuitive interface.

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