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Data Team Service

Build a complete dataset and get better attribtion, accurate metrics and custom analysisfor a fraction of the cost of hiring a data team.

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Harness Data to Drive Your Business

Finally get accurate data and the insights you need to grow your Shopify store.

Custom Analysis

We answer your questions with a deep dive analysis across all your data so you can target actual issues and opportunites to improve your store&aposs profitability instead of relying on generic fixes.

Complete Attribution

We combine all your data sources to give the best possible attribution for your orders so you you redirect your ad dollars and time to your most profitable channels


Our platform monitors your orders and notifies you if orders go to zero or other metrics change so you can fixes issues in hours instead of days.

How it works

Creating a single source of truth

We'll build you a canonical dataset using all your data and use that to answer all your data questions.

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Complete History

We combine data from Shopify, Google Analytics 4, and Universal Analytics so you can compare this Black Friday performance to last and learn which strategies are driving your growth.

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Updated Automatically

We create a data pipeline that automatically keeps your data up to date so your team focuses on using data to improve your store instead of collecting it.

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Custom Tracking

We set up custom tracking for your store on demand and integrate those custom events into your canonical dataset so determine which customization strategies are working and iterate faster.


Currently available for large Shopify stores.

Data Team

for one store.
  • single-source of truth dataset
  • custom analysis
  • custom tracking
  • monitoring

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