The quickest way to use your GA4 data

The only way to see classic e-commerce reports with GA4 datain one minute.

Google Analytics Classic recreates the standard e-commerce reports with GA4 data right in your Shopify admin for just $10 a month.

7 days free trial. Billed through the Shopify app store.
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Why GA Classic?

Get the reports you need in minutes

Fast, Automated Setup

Google Analytics Class creates all the standard e-commerce reports you need in less than a minute. Simply connect to GA4 account with our onboarding wizard and see your reports right away.

All E-Commerce Reports

We recreate all the e-commerce reports, including channels, source/medium, pages, landing pages, e-commerce overview, and the e-commerce shopping behavior using GA4’s data. You get the information you need without the hassle of having to create a new reports or Exploration.

Simple, Familiar Interface

Google Analytics Classic recreates the same, simple UI you’re used to from Universal Analytics. Date ranges, filters, navigation and exports are all right where you left them so you don’t waste time learning a new platform. This simple UI is a pleasure to use.

How it Works

Fast, simple setup. Easy to use.

We create your e-commerce reports using GA4 data.

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Easy Setup

We link to your GA4 account using OAuth so all you have to do is select your Google Profile and Analytics property to get your reports.

GA4 Data Feature Image

GA4 Data

We pull data using the GA4 Reporting API so your reports show the full history from your existing GA4 property. No need to setup new tracking or pay for expense storage.

Built Into the Shopify Admin Feature Image

Built Into the Shopify Admin

The reports are embedded right in the Shopify admin so you don’t need to log into GA4 or another third-party tool to get the answers you need. Everyone on your Shopify team will have access to the reports. No need to grant every team member fresh access to a new platform.

Real. Simple. Pricing

Billed through the Shopify App store. Cancel anytime.

Flat Monthly Fee

per GA4 property.
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited data
  • 7 day free trial

Get your e-commerce reports back right now.

Never log into GA4 again.

Seven day free trial.