Anonymized Data

How SlideRule Analytics stores data.

All data stored beyond 7 days is completely anonymized, ie all customer data is completely removed.

We collect two anonymized datasets.

Usage Data

We collect usage usage data for 30 days. This data includes store names, order counts and values and other order-level data list here. Customer data is removed.

Usage Order-Level Data:

  1. Test
  2. App ID
  3. Order ID
  4. Currency
  5. Gateway
  6. Cart Token
  7. Created At
  8. Checkout ID
  9. Source Name
  10. Total Price
  11. Landing Site
  12. Processed At
  13. Checkout Token
  14. Is Upsell Order
  15. Referring Site
  16. Note Attributes

Industry-level Data

We collect scrubbed and anonymized data for industry and market level analysis. Customer data, store names, and product names are completely removed from this dataset. Note: there is no way to identify either the store or the customer with this data.