Google Analytics 4

Getting started with the SlideRule Analytics GA4 app for Shopify

How create and setup your Google Analytics 4 property for your Shopify store with the SlideRule Analytics app.

Automatic Setup

How to use the automated setup wizard to connect your Google Analytics 4 property to Shopify with SlideRule Analytics.

Remove Old Gtag Code

How to remove your old gtag code to avoid duplicate events in GA4 after installing SlideRule Analytics.

Remove Shopify Built-In GA4 Integration

How to remove the Shopify Google Sales channel integration to avoid duplicate events in GA4 after installing SlideRule Analytics.

Configure Google Analytics 4 Data Settings

How to configure Google Analytics 4 for Shopify

Cookie Consent

How cookie consent banners impact Google Analytics 4 in SlideRule Analytics

Additional Details on Orders

Learn about the additional details on orders added by SlideRule Analytics

Create a Google Analytics Account

How to create a Google Analytics account.

Manual Configuration

How to manually configure your SlideRule Analytics Shopify to Google Analytics 4 integration.

Uninstall SlideRule Analytics

How to uninstall SlideRule Analytics from your Shopify store.

Why We Use Order ID as Transaction ID in Google Analytics 4

Why SlideRule uses Shopify Order IDs (5214812864687) as Google Analytics 4 Transaction IDs instead of Shopify Order Numbers (#21616).

Add a `client_purchase` event

How to add a `client_purchase` event to your GA4 integration

Data Action Listeners

How to use data action listeners to track user interactions with HTML elements directly from code in Google Analytics 4 with SlideRule Analytics.