Create a New Pixel

How to create a new Facebook Pixel for your integration with SlideRule Analytics.

In the Facebook Events Manager click Connect Data Source

Connect Data Source in Facebook Events Manager

Select Web

Selecting Web in Facebook Events Manager

Click Connect

Clicking Connect for Web

Name your pixel, and click Create Pixel

Naming and creating new pixel

Select the checkbox next to I don't have a website and click Continue.

Selecting checkbox for not having a website

Select Conversion API and Meta Pixel

Selecting Conversion API and Meta Pixel

Click Next

Clicking Next for setup

Select Set up manually

Selecting manual setup

Click Next

Proceeding with Next

Click Continue

Continuing setup

Select all event checkboxes and click Continue

Selecting event checkboxes

Select the Event ID checkbox and click Select Additional Event Parameters

Selecting Event ID checkbox

Select all Additional Parameters checkboxes and click Add

Selecting Additional Parameters

Select all Customer Information Parameters and click Continue

Selecting Customer Information Parameters

Click Continue again

Continuing setup

Click Continue pixel setup

Continuing pixel setup

Click Install code manually

Choosing to install code manually

Click Copy Code

Copying code

Click Continue

Clicking Continue after copying code

Turn on Automatic Advanced Matching

Turning on Automatic Advanced Matching

Click Continue

Continuing after Advanced Matching

Click Continue again

Continuing setup

Click Continue again

Final Continue in setup

Click Go to Pixel Overview

Go to Pixel Overview

Click Settings

Pixel Settings

Click to Copy the Pixel ID

Copying Pixel ID

Return to SlideRule and paste the Pixel ID into the appropriate field

Pasting Pixel ID in SlideRule

Return to the pixel settings page in the Events Manager, scroll down to the Setup manually section and click to copy the token

Copying token from pixel settings

Return to SlideRule and paste the Access Token into the appropriate field

Pasting Access Token in SlideRule

Click save

Saving settings in SlideRule

You Facebook Pixel & CAPI integration is now configured.

Facebook Pixel & CAPI integration configured