Use an Existing Pixel

How to use an existing Facebook Pixel for your integration with SlideRule Analytics.

In the Facebook Events Manager, hover over the left menu and select Data sources.

Selecting Data sources in Facebook Events Manager

Click the pixel you want to use.

Selecting a pixel in Facebook Events Manager

Copy the pixel id from the pixel info page

Copying pixel id from pixel info page

Return to SlideRule and paste the Pixel Id into the appropriate field

Pasting Pixel Id in SlideRule

Return to the Facebook Events Manager and click Settings

Clicking Settings in Facebook Events Manager

Scroll down and click Generate access token

Generating access token

Copy the new access token

Copying new access token

Return to SlideRule and paste the Access Token into the appropriate field

Pasting Access Token in SlideRule

Click Save

Saving settings in SlideRule

Your Facebook Pixel & CAPI integration is now configured. Make sure you remove your old Facebook Pixel integration, otherwise you will have duplicate events.

Facebook Pixel & CAPI integration configured Additional instruction for removing old pixel integration