Additional Details on Orders

Learn about the additional details on orders added by SlideRule Analytics

After installing SlideRule Analytics, you will start to see additional details added to your orders like so:

Additional details on orders

We set these as cart attributes to help attribute server-side events (like purchases) to the sources of traffic that generated the order (Google, Facebook, etc). Cart attributes are used by many apps to add additional details to orders like this.

We do have a configuration option to remove them that we can set for you. But it's possible that some orders will lose their marketing attribution. If you'd like us to set it for you, please Email us.

If you uninstall the SlideRule Analytics app, or if we configure your store to avoid cart attributes, you may see some orders still come in with our cart attributes for the next few days. That’s because these orders were created from carts that were created before you uninstalled the app or we added the configuration to your store. There shouldn’t be many and they should not be added to new orders after a few days.